Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Freshly Made Sketches: Birthday Quatrefoil

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Linda.

There's a sweet lady in my department with a birthday next week.  I don't know her well.  I do know she likes to garden so flowers seemed mandatory.  I also know she always dresses in very subdued colors.  Based on those two clues, I found a subtle pattern with a gray backdrop and added a "trellis" type look on top.

FMS Birthday Quatrefoil

I've been so excited to have natural light for photography in my new craft room but go figure, it's been gray and rainy the last two days!  I haven't figured out how to set up a "studio" for days like today (this is only the second card I've made since my move). Luckily gray days are very rare in Colorado!  I'm still not fully moved in - but I felt better after many of your comments over the last few weeks saying it could take a year.  So I slowed down a bit and decided to enjoy getting it all together instead of killing myself to finish it.  The old house is still not on the market, although there's a photographer scheduled today so there's a light at the end of that tunnel!!

I hope to see you playing along with us this week.  I so enjoy browsing and being inspired by the gallery!


Stamps: Taylored Expressions (TE) Simply Said - Birthday
Dies: Quatrefoil Cutting Plate
Paper: Miscellaneous floral print with scrap of gray to match, TE Blue Corn
Ink: TE Sugar Cube with Fine White Detail Embossing Powder
Other: TE sequins

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Taylored Expressions: Eventful Birthday

Taylored Expressions teamed up with PageMaps for the May 2018 Quarterly CardMaps edition. Their sketches are a wonderful source of inspiration!  Even after all these years of making cards, I still get a little stuck when I have a completely blank slate in front of me - when I have to pick the theme and stamps and colors and layout.  Having one of those items taken care of always helps me begin.  The CardMaps at PageMaps are fabulous inspiration.  Here's my card:

Taylored Expressions Eventful Birthday Party

And here's the sketch:

I first zoomed in on the bottom border.  Taylored Expressions has wonderful, detailed borders - so I knew that could be a focal point.  After picking the birthday presents, I added a frame and the sentiment in the center just like the sketch (although I didn't replicate their speech bubble and the cute way the sketch had the bubble coming from a character in the background!)

Taylored Expressions Eventful - Birthday Party

It's a simple card but so easy to do with the border adding all of the detail.  FYI, the border die set comes with a solid piece with which to back the presents.  I cut it in all three colors, then just trimmed the presents that I needed.

I plopped a little enamel heart on it to fill in some space and embossed the background - easy!!  BTW, the colors of the presents are the newly released colors just last month - Guava, Confetti Cake and Lime Zest.  As soon as I opened the creative team package, I knew they were meant to be together!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Freshly Made Sketches: Thank Goodness

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Jen Mitchell.

I'm finally in my new craft room!!  I'm not quite going to say I'm full moved into the house - for those of you that have moved regularly, I have a great respect for you.  Here's my first card.  Funny story.  I didn't formally pack my drawers of stamps.  I only moved 5 miles and I had the luxury of buying the new house before selling the old house.  I have Elfa drawers that hold my stamps so instead of entrusting them to the moving company, I figured I'd lay the drawers out in the back of all of our cars and drive them over safe and sound.  Not so much.  Two drawers fell or were dropped (I wasn't actually a witness to the calamity).  Stamps scattered and cases shattered across the driveway.  My husband had the audacity to say that since one of the drawers contained Christmas stamps, I had months to put it all back together!!  The other drawer was full of not-yet-used-stamps.  Just look at this set that has been in there for who knows how long - it was literally dusty.  It seemed fitting to pull a set out of the piles in the driveway to make my first card.

FMS Thank Goodness 2

With this little rag doll, the quilted background was a clear choice.  And now that I have lots of space to display all of my cardstock, I was able to glance through it and find a color that I particularly liked. I also love that I have a longer space to take photos so I can some wonderful dimension and a fuzzy background in my picture, and it's natural light!  I've never had that before!!!  (Although we'll have to talk again come winter when I leave for work before daylight and get home after dark.)

I hope to see you playing along!

Stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps Rag Doll Willa
Dies: Lil' Inker Designs Quilted Stitched Pattern Die, Taylored Expessions Stitched Rectangle
Cardstock: Stampin' Up Flirty Flamingo

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Freshly Made Sketches: The Big Move

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Jennifer Timko.

Sadly, I don't have a sample for you.  As you know, I moved last weekend.  It went well!  We have a functioning kitchen, bedrooms and a place to relax in the living area.  I also have my craft room about 80% together.  So I had big plans to spend Monday evening making a card for this week while my guys were out at a game and I had my beautiful new home all to myself.

Funny story, we lived in a little house on the prairie for 27 years. It was only five minutes from town, but it felt like another world. We never even locked the doors; in fact, we had to replace all the door knobs as we were moving because we had no idea where the keys were. Flash forward to the new house. It's in a neighborhood so we are having to learn new habits. I've been doing well. Since I was home alone I locked all the doors. Then I took some garbage out to the garage. Turns out the door was set to lock behind me. There I am, barefoot and in my pajamas, locked out of the house - no phone and no back-up key hidden anywhere. Luckily there are still boxes out there - including boxes of books! So instead of making a card for FMS, I sat on the garage steps and read half a book before my guys got home to rescue me! No card for me this week!

But I hope you have fun with it!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Taylored Expressions: Glitter Floral Hair Clips

Taylored Expressions has just released glittered felt!!  They also recently released the Roll With It Flower 1 and 2 Mixed Media dies that are slightly thicker to cut through media like glittered felt.  What amazing possibilities there are!

When the flower dies were released I created this framed piece and one of my blog friends commented that she wanted to use the flowers for headbands for her grandchildren. (Thanks Bev!)  I think the glitter felt makes this an even better idea - so here they are!!

Taylored Expressions Glitter Felt

Lots and lots to talk about.

1. Two pieces of felt come in each package - one lighter and one darker - so the pink flower and center are in one package, the purple flower and center are in another and the two different greens for the leaves are in another.  The silver and gold comes with one piece that is heavily glittered (like the glitter on the flowers) and one that is more smooth (like the one I used on the swirl - more on that later.)

2. I rolled these a little more loosely than in the framed piece linked above so they were a bit flatter. I then cut a circle the same size as the base, covered it with craft glue and adhered the flower.

3. The mixed media die flowers cut the glittered felt like butter even with a manual machine.  IMPORTANT: Taylored Expression is very clear that with a manual machine, regular dies do NOT cut this well. However, electronic cutting machines like the Vagabond or Gemini cut with any of them.  But let's talk about this.  I have a manual machine - a classic Big Shot.  I used three different regular dies on my hair clips.  Just as expected they did not cut all the way through BUT they left enough of an impression when I ran them through that I could trim them with scissors and still get the shape that I wanted!!  Having said that, the Curly Swirlies are very detailed so I didn't try them on the heavily glittered pieces - I used the smoother pieces that come with the Caramel Drizzle and Rock Candy and it worked quite well with some trimming.

Here's how my flowers work with hair clips.

Taylored Expressions Glitter Felt

Rather than clips like I did, I might suggest that you add these to a headband.  My clips did work, but only after quite a bit of experimentation.  I finally ended up doing a few small stitches to hold them in place - and I kept the stitches slightly loose.  When these clips close, that center piece pushes through and it needs room to do that or they won't clip.  By keeping the stitches slightly loose, my center piece will close.

There are a rainbow of colors in this felt!  And the design team put together an array of stunning projects to show it off!  Check it all out on the Taylored Expressions blog.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Freshly Made Sketches: Slow Clap

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Amy.

In the midst of all of my moving talk over the last few weeks (BTW - it's tomorrow!!!), there's another huge event coming in my family.  My youngest will graduate from Lutheran High School!!  I feel just a little bad about overshadowing his last month in high school with this move, but he might just be more excited than I am.  His room is bigger and in the basement away from us,  his commute for his last few weeks at school is an easy 3 miles, and he has also thought he was more urban that rural.  (Although we've tried to tell him "rural" is an exaggeration.  We do currently live on 5 acres on the prairie, however, it's only 3 minutes to the town's cultural events center and a big library, and it's 5 minutes to Costco plus any number of fast food options.  It's hard to say we're rural.  However, we are moving to a charming little neighborhood which is actually further from all of those things, but we have next door neighbors!)

Besides my son's graduation, a number of his lacrosse teammates will graduate.  Since my husband has coached them for years, I am always called upon to do quite a few cards in school colors.


I love our hobby because it is extra special that I can create something specific for the kids.  Purple, black, silver/gray - and they know it's for them!

I hope to see you playing along with us at Freshly Made Sketches!


Stamps: Simon Says Stamp (SSS) Yay
Dies: SSS Yay, Lil Inkers Dual Dotted Rectangles
Cardstock: Taylored Expressions (TE) Jelly Donut, Oreo, Silver Foil
Ink: Versamark with TE Black Fine Detail Embossing Powder
Embossing Folder: TE Diagonal Stripes
Other: Doodlebug Graduation Assortment Sprinkles

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Freshly Made Sketches: Butterfly Celebration

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Narelle.

A very quick and simple card for today!  I never seem to have any middle ground - either I struggle for hours on a card (even the fresh and clean ones) or else it comes together in 5 minutes.  Luckily, I love the hobby so even a struggle is enjoyable (but maybe not quite as enjoyable as this five minute card that I actually like!)

FMS Celebrate Butterflies

The speed of this card might have been due to the fact that I only have the supplies around my desk to work with.  Not the overflow supplies in the laundry room closet nor the even-more-overflow supplies in the basement.  They are all packed up....because...eight days until the big move!!  I am exhausted and excited and overwhelmed and absolutely thrilled.  FYI - I'm not sure I'd recommend to anybody moving after 27 years in a house.  The accumulation is shocking - and it's not even all my crafting stuff!  It's camping gear and sports gear and kitchen tools that I didn't remember that I had and about a million pieces of paper and documents that just might be important.  Ugh!  And it's the fact that I'd rather craft that renovate and decorate and in my current house show that. So in the midst of all of the moving, my current house has handymen crawling all over it trying to make it a showplace.  Actually - truth be told, it's not a showcase.  It's a 1960's split-level.  So I'll be happy with neat and clean!

Next week's FMS card is already pre-made because I'll be a little busy.  But the week after that - it will be made in my very own craft room!!

Hope to see you playing along.  I will still definitely be looking at the gallery - that's one of my great joys each week.


Dies: Stampin' Up Butterfly Thinlits and Bold Butterfly Thinlits, Simon Say Stamp Frames
Miscellaneous: Stampin' Up Expressions Natural Elements and Glitter Enamel Dots